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How We Help

At Vitae.Coach, we’ve combined startup thinking, technology, data and neuroscience based coaching to help you navigate your career changes in all the right ways. Vitae.Coach empowers you find what you are looking for.

Vitae.Coach can support you with one-to-one coaching (virtual and in-person) sessions which will equip you with all the tools you need to successfully and easily make the career change you want. We will keep you accountable as you step through your career changes.

Vitae.Coach can also help you design and build the ultimate CV to showcase your talents to win you the next gig you want. Don’t be fooled, writing about your experience is one of the hardest things you’ll do. So best to get some independent advice and save yourself some precious time. We know you’re a busy one.

The Quarter Life Crisis (QLC) + Vitae.Coach

A quarter life crisis is a real thing. Affecting folks in their mid 20’s to mid 3o’s, the QLC is the name given to process of navigating the early years of adulthood. The QLC gives folk feelings of being “lost, scared, lonely or confused” about what steps to take next.  And the major cause for this the QLC, yep, you guessed it – choosing a career path. That’s where Vitae.Coach comes in. We’re here to empower you with the knowledge, tools and techniques required to navigate this journey and find the next right step for you. Need a bit more data? Check out the insights from Happify and HBR below.

Why Your Late Twenties Feel So Stressful, Ran Zilca, HBR

About Vitae.Coach

Hey! We’re Brenton and Shelley, founders of Vitae.Coach. We know that finding a new job and/or navigating a career change can be a difficult. Knowing when to change, what to change to and why you want to change can be tough. That’s why was born. We know these challenges. We have been working for 25 years, and between us navigated more than 15 career changes. Based on these experiences, we know, life and your career is one big iteration.